Why do you need a Licensed Interior Designer?
Because you want an inviting home where you can relax in comfort and entertain in style.. a place which reflects your own personal tastes and lifestyle.   I have dedicated my professional career to helping people create that special look. I can plan your space, help you coordinate colors and select wall coverings, fabrics, carpeting, furniture, window treatments, lighting and accessories. By enlisting the help of a professional, you will not only save countless hours of shopping, but also the worry and uncertainty about your decisions.

Why should you work with a Licensed Interior Designer?
Because we are specialists in residential interior design. The home is our professional focus. A licensed designers’ training and experience is devoted to making interior spaces work for the people who live there.

How can you recognize a licensed Residential Interior Design Specialist?
By the displayed State of Florida license number on their cards, advertising and contracts. If you do NOT see this license number ALWAYS ask if they are licensed and insured, if not be VERY wary.

Can you afford the services of a licensed Interior Designer?
Yes, and you’ll probably find that you will save money by working with a design professional. First, your time is truly valuable and a designer eliminates the need for you to search for the right furniture, carpeting, wall coverings and accessories. Second, mistakes can be costly. You eliminate this risk by working with a trained professional.

What about follow-up service? 
Complete client satisfaction is the objective of Lisa Sutherland at Sutherland Design Group, Inc. From the initial conversation to assess your needs until the last accessory is placed on your coffee table, I am with you every step of the way to create a beautiful and very livable home.